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Här beskriver vi de olika skolutvecklingsprojekt som Sandgärdskolan deltar i.

GIGS Warsaw

GiGSPosted by Per Selin 2017-02-09 18:27:14
So, the second face-to-face meeting in the GIGS project is halfway through. The day started a bit slow with slight problems accessing the venue for the meeting. No real worries since that only meant that we could begin with one of the favourite Swedish activities - fika. Coffee break.

We thought we were off to a flying start in Sweden with our work, but the other countries have also done surveys and started with the work on the STEM challenges. It is nice to hear about possibilities and obstacles in Cyprus and the UK to understand that the world of teaching is to a large part global.

It was good to hear that we have a new Polish partner school. What is strange though is that it seems that our previous partner school was not the only school closing down. It is apparently many schools that are closing due to a new organization on a national level. The populistic and conservative politicians here in Poland are obviously just as hard to keep away from the school as the ones are in Sweden.

We stay in the very center of Warsaw and the first sight we spotted, Jonas and I, when we got up from the train station was the Palace of Culture. I know that many Polish citizens have mixed emotions about Stalin's birthday cake, but it is impressive and together with the giant wide avenues it really sums up the former East Europe for me.

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