På skolan i världen

Här beskriver vi de olika skolutvecklingsprojekt som Sandgärdskolan deltar i.

On the road again

The Art of Maths (TheAMa)Posted by Per Selin 2018-11-10 11:53:42

Sandgärdskolan is back in Cyprus again. This time for a new Erasmus+ project. In this project, The art of Maths (TheAma), we will try to help Maths teachers to develop their teaching by creating tools for pupils where various forms of art are used as starting points. Sandgärdskolan will specifically lead on the Intellectual Outputs where drama, cinematography and literature are used. Finally some things in the Erasmus+ projects that touch upon my subjects.

It felt a bit lonely to travel on my own, but that was compensated by the visits at the familiar spots Zanettos restaurant, where the abundance of food was just as ridiculous as the last time, and Piwo microbrewery where the handcrafted beer was just as exquisite as in May. I stayed at the same hotel too. The most striking difference was the amount of Eintracht Frankfurt supporters everywhere. They were playing Limassol in Europa League and had an impressive following. There must have been several thousands (5 000, according to this article) of black, white and grey dressed Germans in Nicosia.

The project was off to a good start with inspiring partners that promise this project to be a successful one. It will be great to meet with (and form) the local team next week. As soon as the topics and themes have been decided we will start working on a regular basis.

The meeting room was really interesting too. It was actually situated in the buffer zone in between the Cypriot and the Turkish side of Nicosia. A bit eerie feeling to pass by barbed wire on your way to the meetings, but the youth center that had been created (which hosted us with the meeting rooms) offered a hope for a better future.

Next meeting will be in Mons, Belgium in May. Already looking forward to it.

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