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GIGS - The saga continues

GiGSPosted by Per Selin 2017-01-19 13:21:31

Since we might get international readers on this blog post, it will be in English. I think that the potential Swedish readers will get by too.

So, the challenge creators work with with solar energy continued with a new solar oven today. It turned out to be a major disappointment. Nothing really happened and the water never got any warmer than 40º C.

Something that did work was the solar driven dog that wigged its tail once under the sun lamp and also the solar panel that could provide a capacitor with electricity enough to flash a light. A fan was also constructed that was fueled with solar power.

The second half of the morning was allocated to start planning for the field day with the younger pupils. It was truly interesting as a teacher to discuss lesson planning with pupils and getting their views on how long 12-year-olds would be able to concentrate before they needed to get down to practical action.

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