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Understanding your perspective

Idéer och infallPosted by Per Selin 2017-02-10 09:46:27

Last night when we were on our way home from the restaurant I asked our new friend from CEO in Poland what he thought of the Palace of Culture. Quite diplomatically he said that some people thought it should be demolished, others that it is an important part of Warsaw’s skyline and thereby a symbol of the town. The third thing he said was interesting. ”People in Warsaw often say that the best view over the town is offered there”. I thought for a second that it seemed reasonable, one of the highest buildings should offer a nice overlook. ”Because when you are standing in the Palace looking out; that’s the only time in Warsaw that you can’t see it.”

I might use this metaphor in the future (consider yourselves warned kids). Sometimes you are so close to something that you cannot see it. And sometimes you want to hide things by simply pretending they do not exist.

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