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Här beskriver vi de olika skolutvecklingsprojekt som Sandgärdskolan deltar i.

Long day's journey into night

GiGSPosted by Per Selin 2017-06-01 22:42:13
After being in the lost and found section twice after landing (one broken bag and one lost) we had no choice in how to spend the two hours between landing and bus ride to Wilga. Somebody needed new clothes and since she got 100€ to spend on it there was no time for hesitation. A quick cab ride, and a raid through the Spanish clothes chain with a female personal name, later we just needed to grab a bite to eat before we borded the bus.

The bus ride was rather bumpy, and when we finally arrived it became obvious that the pupils were tired from the long day. There were no sad faces, but the excitement and laughter from the morning was gone. When the other students started turning up things became better and after the meal and some social ice breakers the mood was actually on top again. Our pupils are really great!

Oh yes, the luggage was found in Amsterdam. It is on its way to Wilga and will probably arrive during the night. Tomorrow will be a new great day and will hopefully include some more school development blogging as opposed to today's general blogging

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